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Hedge Removal


There are various situations that can necessitate the removal of a hedge. You might want to free up more space in your garden or make way for a new feature, like paving, a driveway or an extension. On the other hand, the hedge could simply be dead or diseased.

If you have a hedge that needs removing in Nottingham, Beeston, Netherfield, Cotgrave or any of the other local areas where we operate, just call us out to your outdoor site where the hedge happens to be.

  • Do You Have Permission For Removing A Hedge?

Don’t worry, we will check this anyway before attempting any removal of a hedge on your land. It is worth pointing out that you can’t get a boundary hedge removed unless you have obtained permission from whoever owns the property on the other side of the boundary. 

However, if a hedge is entirely on your own land, you won’t need any permission — not even planning permission — from anyone else before disposing of this greenery.

  • What Does Our Hedge Removal Process Involve?

Firstly, we will check that the hedge’s removal wouldn’t compromise infrastructure like drains or cables. If this requirement is met, we will proceed to cut the hedge’s branches right down to the stump — and subsequently remove this, too, so that you can redevelop this particular spot.

As we know that cutting branches and stems from a hedge can result in a lot of mess strewn across the ground, we will plan in advance for waste leaves and branches to be suitably cleared away.

  • How To Contact Our Hedge Removal Team

If there is a specific hedge you have earmarked for removal within our family-run company’s geographic coverage area, you can arrange for us to do the removing.

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