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Block Paving / Tarmacking


Block paving and tarmacking are both types of surfacing worthwhile for a wide range of applications. For example, tarmac is well-suited to roads due to its resilience to repeat vehicle use, while block paving can provide a stylish and neat finish for a patio. 

However, both block paving and tarmacking are also versatile — meaning that, ultimately, if you want to give part of your outdoor space a harder, more practical surface, you could struggle to choose between these two surfacing methods we offer for customers in and near Nottingham.

  • How Do Block Paving And Tarmacking Predominantly Differ?

With block paving, blocks are assembled in a specific pattern to create a good-looking surface in a finish of your choice, such as traditional or modern. As long as it is laid properly, a block paved driveway will be hardwearing and long-lasting.

Tarmacking, meanwhile, involves applying a layer of tarmacadam — as the material in question is sometimes called — across a given surface before the material is left to dry. Tarmac is traditionally black, but we can supply tarmac of various colours.

  • Block Paving Vs Tarmacking: Which Should You Choose?

Tarmacking is reputed as taking up less time than block paving, as the former comprises just one layer rather than multiple paving slabs. Tarmacking also tends to be cheaper, if only slightly.

However, block paving can create a much more visually attractive result, as the blocks can be meticulously arranged in such a way that they look impressively clean and neat.

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