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  • Heavy-Duty Fencing

This is provided with concrete posts that will not rot, while the gravel boards fitted as part of this heavy-duty fencing can bolster its physical resilience even further.

  • Wooden Fencing

Timber is a thoroughly tried-and-trusted material for use in fencing. The wooden fencing we offer can comprise wooden fence panels and gravel boards, making for a complete solution.

  • Garden Fencing Panels

These timber fence panels have been specially treated for ensuring quality and longevity. You can expect these panels to hold up against a range of threats – including wind, rot and insect attacks. 

  • Trellises

A trellis can physically mark boundaries in your garden while still letting sunlight trickle through. You can choose from many different styles for a trellis you order from our team. 

  • Equestrian Fencing

The fencing products we offer for the equestrian market include various styles of post-and-rail fencing, while we can also erect premium fencing at riding arenas. 

  • Agricultural Fencing

This is fencing intended for countryside applications – and the varieties of agricultural fencing we have available include post-and-rail, wire netting and barbed wire fencing. 

  • Security Fencing

Whether it is a home or workplace you are looking to more firmly secure, we can provide you with a high-quality, reliable security fencing solution to suit.

  • Metal Fencing

The options here range from high-security to classic ornamental fencing. All of the metal fencing products we can provide and erect consist of durable steel and are easy to maintain over the long term. 

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