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Drop Curbs


The term ‘drop curbs’ is used for edge stones placed between pavements and the roads so that vehicles can be more easily driven from a driveway and onto the road — and vice versa. Each drop curb is sloped downward towards the road.

While dropped curbs have an array of practical benefits, they are also legally necessary in the UK for installation at various properties. Fortunately, we are ready to expertly drop curbs at sites in Nottingham, Trowell, Long Eaton and a number of other, nearby settlements.

  • So, Do You Personally Require A Dropped Curb?

If your property has a driveway that is supposed to link to the road, you need to heed that it’s illegal to drive over a UK pavement where the curb has not been dropped.

This is because normal pavements have not been built to handle a vehicle’s weight. As a result, were you to actually drive a vehicle over a non-dropped pavement, it could incur damage — and electricity, gas or water utilities buried beneath the surface could be adversely affected, too.

  • Why Else Might You Benefit From A Dropped Curb?

Homes and businesses alike can arrange to have curbs dropped. For example, if you run a company that is looking to create new off-street parking for employees, customers or clients to use, a dropped curb can enable these people to drive into the parking area in a pleasingly frictionless way.

  • How We Can Help With Meeting Needs For Drop Curbs

If you turn out to require a dropped curb to be laid within our company’s geographic coverage area, you may need planning permission. We can help you to not only discern whether this is the case but also, if necessary, apply for this consent.

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